Select Teams are Posted!!!

We are blown away with the amount of talent in our gym this year!  We look forward to getting back on the court next week to work on developing that talent.  Our goal is to understand where each athlete wants to be and to work diligently to help them get there.  It will be hard, intense, fun, and possibly frustrating at times.  We firmly believe that you cannot get stronger without experiencing resistance and pushing through it.

We know that players are concerned and nervous about the team selection process and we wanted to ease some of those concerns.  We have talked in great detail with numerous college coaches (especially Jeremiah Larsen from Weber St) and here are some of their answers in regards to these questions.

Does it matter what team I make?
It does not matter the team you make.  We spend hours evaluating and determining the needs for each player and team (ie. would they be better starting and getting more game reps or sitting on the bench, better to run a 5-1 or 6-2 for that specific setter, etc...).  At the end of the day we work together with parents and players to help develop the whole athlete. 

To develop requires a plan and a lot of hard work to implement the plan.  There needs to be commitment, support, and accountability from players, coaches, and parents.  The advantage at Club V is we do have so many talented athletes and teams.  We get a chance to compete against each other which raises our level even more.  The best serving teams are also the best passing teams, which means the teams who compete against the best week in and week out become the best.  We have a nice advantage because of this.  Also, if you are in the gym with the top players you know exactly where you are in comparison and can work even harder to stay at the top, catch up, and surpass.  The best clubs in the country are very deep in talent for a reason.

Does playing on the "best" team help me get recruited?
Not necessarily.  The main factor again is can you help that college program get better?  If we as a whole are doing our job contacting coaches they will come watch regardless of the court you are on.  Most of the time college coaches don't know who won or lost a match, they are more focused on watching players.  They will go back and forth between courts watching specific players and evaluating if they are better than the last time they watched them play.  Winning is for pride between clubs and teams. It is fun and can feel rewarding but not essential to make it to the next level.

Alright Club V'ers!  Here are the Select Teams!


Select Teams are Posted!!!
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