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Project V   (Ages 12-18 + Current College Players)

Project V is a high intense, high repetition, high feedback summer program.  For those looking to become technically sound, develop tactical execution, become physically stronger and mentally tougher, you will find this program taking you from where you are to that player you want to become.  Throughout the summer, you will be working on developing all skills with an emphasis on specific positions (ie. Setters will learn how to perform all skills but will spend more time developing setting skills, middles will learn all skills but spend more time working on middle specific skills, etc…).  College coaches from all over the nation will be attending to instruct the campers in addition to our Club V staff.
Additionally, players will be working out every day to become leaner, stronger, healthier, and more athletic.  This is our 5th year doing Project V and for those that commit to the summer program, we have seen them gain an average of 6 inches on their vertical.  These are demanding workouts and a tough overall program.  It is not for everyone.  Only those athletes who are serious about pushing themselves and becoming better will be able to handle the everyday grind of Project V.  
Lastly, Project V gives every player a mental skills journal (known as a “Vision” booklet) to help them develop their mental toughness.  There will be sports psychology lessons taught twice a week while the athletes read, learn, and write in their Vision booklet each day to develop a mental toughness unparalleled to other athletes.

Benefits of Project V

“Without the years that I spent at Club V and the summers at Project V,  I wouldn’t be anywhere near the athlete or person that I am today.  They taught me how to work hard at everything - whether it was on the court, in the gym, or in any other area of my life.  The coaches at Club V were always pushing me to go above what the average athlete would do and I honestly believe that that is why I have a spot on BYU’s team with a full ride scholarship.  Having my college paid for and having learned all the things that I did about life and volleyball made every single penny that I gave to Club V more than worth it.  I do not regret a single day that I spent in that gym with my lifelong friends and I am forever grateful for everything that the coaches there gave me!”          - Roni Jones, Brigham Young University

“Through Project V’s personal coach-to-player experience, not only did I significantly improve my skills as a volleyball player, but I also learned mental toughness, healthy eating habits for athletes, and many different workouts geared toward increasing my vertical, strength and speed.  Without Project V, my capabilities to succeed as a collegiate athlete would have been limited.  Project V, the coaches, and fellow competition made me the strong and hard working collegiate athlete I am today!”              - Rachel Gondrezick, Saint Martin’s University

1 Week Pass - $200

Session I or II Pass - $600 (Each session is 6 weeks in length.  There are no makeup days or discounts – Sessions are already discounted to include missed days for vacation, sick days, attending other camps, etc…)

Full Summer Pass (Now (June 20) through Session II) - $700

Project V Structure
Monday - Serve & Pass Day + Position Training
(Workout - Upper Body)
Tuesday – Position Training  Small Group Games (Workout - Lower Body)
Wednesday – Ball Control Day (Workout - Plyo)
Thursday – Outdoor 2v2 Tournament Day
(Workout - Cardio)
Friday – 6v6 Game Day (Workout - Power Lift)

* Please note that structure will change based on the college coaches attending.  Please refer to our Project V calendar for exactly what will be happening for skills and workouts for that day.  

Dates and Times
Session I: May 16th – June 24th (6 weeks)
Times: May 16th – June 3rd  4:00pm – 7:00pm (U15 – U18); 5:00pm – 8:00pm (U12 – U15)
June 6th – June 24th   8:00am – 11:00am (U15 – U18) 9:00am – 12:00pm (U12 – U15)
Session II: June 27th – August 5th (6 weeks)
Times:  June 27th – August 5th 8:00am – 11:00am (U15 – U18); 9:00am – 12:00pm (U12 – U15)

Summer Camps (Ages 10-16)
For those wanting an all-around tune up without the commitment of Project V, this camp is designed to go through all the skills in a week long camp.  Camps are Monday – Friday from 3:00 – 6:00pm.  Athletes will go over all skills with a different skill emphasis each day while building on skills already learned.
Club V’s Summer Camps are focused on the technical & tactical aspect of volleyball.  Once the movements are understood, athletes will then progress to more game like situations with the focus on trying to implement skills learned into small & large group games.

Summer Camp Structure
Monday – Serving & Passing
Tuesday – Review Serve & Pass + Spiking
Wednesday – Review Serve, Pass, Spike + Defense
Thursday – Review Serve, Pass, Spike, Defense + Setting
Friday – Review All Skills + Blocking  
$150 for the week (15 hours of volleyball)

June 20 – 24
July 5 – 8 (only $120)
July 18 – 22
August 1 – 5
August 15 – 19

Club V Beach (Ages 12-18)
Join one of the fastest growing sports in the NCAA!  Beach is a great way to get more touches and improve your overall game.  Beach specifically helps with increasing your ball control, increasing your vertical, helps with decision making and reading the game; all within a fun and relaxed environment.  

Beach Program
Included: 2 tank tops, 1 spandex, 2 x practice a week & 2 tournaments
Location: West Bountiful Park (550 West 1600 North, West Bountiful, UT 84010)
Practice Day: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00 to 7:00pm
Session I: May 16th - June 8th
Session II: July 6th - August 1st
Cost:One Session $199, Full Summer $299   

Tournament Dates
May 21st – AAU Grand Prix
June 4th – Queen of the Beach Tournament
July 9th – Regional Championships
July 16th – District Championships
July 30th - WBV Championships
August 5th – 6th – AAU Utah Sand Championships

Club V Academy (Ages 6-15)
Get your start and learn volleyball in the Academy! The Academy is designed for athletes ages 6-15 years who want to learn the skills necessary to be successful at competitive levels of play.  Each session runs for four weeks.  Participants will receive a Learning Progress Evaluation at the end of the month.  Choose the number of classes you wish to attend each week (1-3x).
Participants are encouraged to begin with Level One unless an assessment is requested.  When set criteria is met, you may then register for the next level.  On average, it takes 2-3 sessions to pass off each class level.  Participants who attend class more frequently, typically pass class levels more quickly.
The cost for all Academy Training is $10/hour
Participants receive a new Academy shirt each time they start a new level!
Academy classes start at the beginning of each month and conclude at the end of the month.  This summer, we will have evening classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and morning classes available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
*You can register for classes on our website at under New To Volleyball





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