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The year was 2007. Yvette Jones had a daughter who was a sophomore at Viewmont High School named Fiona Jones. She was a baller. They were unhappy with some of the club situation going on at the time and wanted to start a new club with all of her teammates at Viewmont High School. "But what to call it?" Yvette pondered. How about "Club V!" as her mind shouted back at her. "Yes, Club V is the most perfect name and it will grow and become the most amazing club in the world." Enter Reed Carlson (his role will be played by Brad Pitt). Yvette needed a coach and asked Reed Carlson to coach. It took Reed a year of convincing to coach girls volleyball. He finally gave in and was hooked.

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our Programs

At Club V, we offer several types of teams to accommodate the development of each player. Each player has different needs and our focus is to help them grow from where they are to where they want to be. We have several different levels of competition, each with a different focus. At all levels, regardless of the amount of playing time, each player receives quality instruction from coaches that care about their development and that foster a positive and sportsmanlike environment. We have a training and management structure in place that ensures coaches are developing and progressing each athlete.

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