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Ah... the awkward "About Us" page. Does anyone really know what to put here anyways? Hmmm, we'll give it a shot.

Let's start with the beginning of this fantastic story and the origins of Club V.

The Origins of Club V... (why does this feel like an awesome movie title)

The year was 2007. Yvette Jones had a daughter who was a sophomore at Viewmont High School named Fiona Jones. She was a baller. They were unhappy with some of the club situation going on at the time and wanted to start a new club with all of her teammates at Viewmont High School. "But what to call it?" Yvette pondered. How about "Club V!" as her mind shouted back at her. "Yes, Club V is the most perfect name and it will grow and become the most amazing club in the world." Enter Reed Carlson (his role will be played by Brad Pitt). Yvette needed a coach and asked Reed Carlson to coach. It took Reed a year of convincing to coach girls volleyball. He finally gave in and was hooked.

After the 1st year of coaching, he wanted be more competitive in the region and he and Yvette found players outside of Viewmont High School and won the U17 age group and were off to nationals in Dallas. The following year (2009), Club V had 5 teams and had a fantastic U18's team where 5 girls graduated and went to play collegiate volleyball (4 went to D1 schools). After Fiona graduated in 2009, Yvette decided to get out of the club scene and sold Club V to Reed and Matt Carlson.

During the first 2 years of running the club, Club V practiced at Fairfield Jr High in Kaysville. In 2009, Club V started with 9 teams and then the following year in 2010, had 14 teams. Reed and Matt decided that if they were to continue with Club V, they would need a dedicated facility that the athletes could use anytime they would like. After about a year of searching, they found a warehouse space in Woods Cross, Utah in 2011. They started with 2 courts, with no heating or air conditioning. We thought it made the girls tougher, having to practice in 45 degree temperatures and having to dig a cold volleyball. Tell you what, they weren't scared of anything after that wink

During the year 2011, we quickly added a 3rd court. Realizing we needed more court space, we added 2 more courts and a dedicated weight room in 2012. And the rest is history! To date, we have sent 77 girls to play collegiate volleyball since 2009.

This is our passion! We dedicate all of our time thinking about ways to help our athletes improve, meeting with other coaches to get ideas, studying different teams, different philosophies, and always on how we can improve ourselves as a club. Every year, we feel like we get a little bit more organized, a little bit better at coaching, and see countless athletes improve and accomplish their volleyball and life goals.


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