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                                           2019 Boys Volleyball                                             




Tryouts for the Club V South Boys' teams were held on August 1st and 2nd. For all interested players, please see details below.   

Club V South sponsors 3 levels of competitive teams:

  • Gold (U18, U16, U14) - advanced players; highest level of competition
  • Silver (U16, U14) - intermediate players; intermediate level of competition
  • Bronze (U14, U12) - beginner to intermediate players; novice level of competition  

Tryout & Registration Details:
Location: 142 N 1800 W, Lindon, UT 84042 (map)
Dates:  Contact Kealani to arrange a Make-Up Tryout Date for your player.

Teams are Filling Up Fast Contact for what Ages and Team Levels we still have Available.

or visit us for more details on the V South Club Season




What if I can't attend tryouts?  Is there a make-up tryout?
If you are unable to attend the August 1st & 2nd tryout, please contact Kealani ( to arrange an alternate tryout date.  There will also be an official make-up tryout held on Saturday, August 24 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.  Please contact us to let us know your interest in make-up tryouts.

Note: we recognize that a number of players will be attending the BYU Volleyball Camp on August 1st, and may arrive after the start of tryouts on that day.  We're glad to see players getting as much training as they can.  If you will be arriving at a later time on the first day of tryouts, just email us so we can make a note.

What level of team and age group should I tryout for?
We always encourage players to tryout for the level that they feel will challenge them the most.  During the tryout, we will evaluate and help players find the best fit for them (which may mean certain players are offered a spot on a higher level than what they tried out for, or certain players may be offered a spot at another level where we think they would find more success).  All players will be offered a spot on a team -- there are no cuts.

Players will be placed on teams that correspond with their age group.  For example, players 12 & younger = U12; ages 13 and 14 = U14; ages 15 and 16 = U16, and ages 17 and 18 = U18.  During the tryout we will help players navigate to the appropriate age group. 

When do we find out what team we made?  When do we have to commit?
At the conclusion of tryouts on August 2nd (from 6:30 pm -7:30 pm), coaches will announce their offers and meet with their players and parents to discuss the team and club season details.  During that meeting, players/parents will be provided with a financial agreement.  You may sign the agreement and make your financial deposit to secure your spot on the team -- or we allow up to 48 hours for you to consider the offer.  After that time if we don't receive a commitment, we open up that spot on the team for another player.  Please contact us if you are unable to be present for the team offers on August 2nd and we will let you know which team your player made.  

How long is the Boys' Club Season?
The official Boys’ Club Volleyball Season will run September 9 - December 7 for Gold & Silver teams, and September 9 - November 30 for Bronze teams.  During August we will be handling administrative duties, such as registering players with the AAU and ordering uniform packages.  

When do practices start?
Official practices start on Monday, September 9th for all teams.  Practices are held Monday/Wednesday for Silver and Bronze teams; and Monday/Wednesday/Thursday for Gold teams.  There will be several informal Open Gym sessions during August for players to begin training.  Teams will also be encouraged to have a "team bonding" event prior to the first day of practice in order to get to know each other and coaches.

What are the different team options?

Gold Teams (U18, U16, U14)

  • Advanced players; boys ages 13-18
  • Season: September 9 - December 7
  • Tournaments: 5 local tournaments sponsored by UBVA/AAU + optional out-of-state tournaments (extra travel costs/fees would apply)
  • Practices:  3x week (Mon/Wed/Thu); 7:00p – 9:00p; 2 hours each  (34 total practices / 68 practice hours)*
  • Uniform Package (2 jerseys, 2 practice shirts, shorts, hoodie, backpack)
  • Cost:  $895  ($195 deposit plus 3 payments of $233)
Silver Teams (U16, U14)
  • Intermediate players; boys ages 13-18
  • Season: September 9 – December 7
  • Tournaments: 5 local tournaments sponsored by UBVA/AAU
  • Practices:  2x week (Mon/Wed); 7:00p – 9:00p; 2 hours each  (26 total practices / 52 practice hours)*
  • Uniform Package (2 jerseys, 2 practice shirts, shorts, hoodie, backpack)
  • Cost:  $750  ($150 deposit plus 3 payments of $200)
Bronze Teams (U14, U12)
  • Beginning-Intermediate players; boys ages 8-14
  • Season: September 9 - November 30
  • Tournaments: 4 local tournaments sponsored by UBVA/AAU
  • Practices:  2x week (Mon/Wed); 5:30p – 7:00p; 1.5 hours each  (24 total practices / 36 practice hours)*
  • Uniform Package (2 jerseys, 2 practice shirts, shorts, hoodie, backpack)
  • Cost:  $595  ($145 deposit plus 3 payments of $150)

* No practices held October 16, October 17 (Gold only), October 21, October 31 (Gold only), November 27, and November 28 (Gold only)

When are tournaments?
Our V South teams will compete against other clubs from along the Wasatch Front at local tournaments hosted by the Utah Boys Volleyball Association (UBVA) and AAU.  Gold and Silver teams will compete in 5 tournaments, and Bronze in 4 tournaments.  Gold teams may also have the option of playing at national out-of-state tournaments (additional travel costs and fees would apply).    You can visit the UBVA website for local tournament details:  Below are the scheduled tournament dates:

  • October 12 - Utah Athletic Center -- Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • October 18 & 19 - Utah Athletic Center -- Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • November 16 - Utah Athletic Center -- Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • November 30 - Utah Athletic Center -- Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • December 7 - Utah Athletic Center -- Gold / Silver
What can we expect at tournaments?
Tournaments are all-day events that typically last 5-7 hours.  Tournaments begin with a round of pool-play -- usually starting at 8:00am or 9:00am -- followed by bracket-play and championships.  Tournament play typically concludes around 2:00p - 3:00p in the afternoon, but can run even later.  Teams can generally expect to play anywhere from 5-8 games during a tournament -- all depending on the number of teams entered in the tournament and how far a team advances.  All tournament events will be held at the Utah Athletic Center (UAC) -- a 12-court volleyball facility located in North Salt Lake.


We’re excited to have a stable of veteran coaches with us this year that bring tremendous experience and enthusiasm.  Here are our 2019 V South Boys Coaches:

Mark McNees
Mark has played volleyball for 26 years, starting at age 14 and began his coaching career starting at 18.  Mark played collegiately at UVU (back when it was called UVSC) and at Cal-State Northridge.  Fun Fact about Mark is that he has a competition problem – evidenced by the fact that he purposely gained 33 pounds in 12 weeks in the Biggest Gainer Contest at work to claim a prize of $300.  His favorite food is Pho.
Matt Hull
Fun Fact about Matt: he played Libero in college and is an Awesome Guy.
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia is from Honolulu, HI and has been playing volleyball his whole life.  He played at Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii and came to BYU to study IT.  He has kept up with the game through playing grass volleyball and coaching Lehi High School Boys and Club V 16s Girls.  Fun fact about Andrew is that he has played along side the world's best setter Micah Christenson, and against the world's best libero Eric Shoji.
Aaron Molesi
Aaron played 4 years of high school volleyball as an outside hitter (OH), followed by 2 years at San Diego State playing Libero.  Aaron is entering his 3rd year of coaching at Club V.   He loves Korean BBQ and is deathly afraid of frogs.
Kailey Jensen
Kailey attended Brigham Young University and received her degree in Exercise & Wellness in 2017.  She was a member of the BYU track team as well as Women’s rugby team. Kailey is entering her second year of coaching  with Club V and has been a coach for the Boys Silver team, girls 12’s Elite, as well as coached Academy trainings/camps for indoor and outdoor players.  Kailey is looking forward to this season and hopes to instill in her athletes the value of hard work and dedication along with a love for the game!
Kolby Shewell
Kolby has been playing volleyball for over 30 years now.  He played club volleyball in high school and 2 years at UVU.  He has been a referee and has been coaching for 7 years.  Fun fact about Kolby is that he was selected to the all-tournament team at Nationals in 2007 after helping UVU take 3rd place nationally.
Andrew Richards
Andrew is a volleyball legend in these parts and comes from a long family-line of volleyball players.  As head director at Club V South, Andrew sets the direction of the Club and its training programs.  Andrew’s coaching influence has been felt at many high school and college programs, including most recently at Utah Valley University and University of Utah where he served as an assistant for the women's volleyball teams.

Kealani Kukahiko
Kealani serves as a Boys Director and Director of Youth Development at Club V South.  Kealani discovered a passion for volleyball as a youth growing up in San Antonio, Texas, and went on to a successful collegiate career at the University of Texas-Pan American.  Following college, Kealani embarked on a coaching career that took her across the country, starting as a coach at Marlborough Prep School in Los Angeles, and more recently as the head coach at Yeshiva Atlanta High School in Atlanta.  While in Atlanta, Kealani also coached club volleyball with A5 Volleyball Club, one of the countries top club programs.  Fun fact about Kealani is that she is a certified Yoga, Kickboxing, and TRX instructor. 


Contact or 404-805-2923 for more information

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