Club v volleyball

boys academy training

Skills Clinics & Camps

1) Where do trainings happen? Indoor trainings take place at the Club V South facility located at 142 N 1800 W, Lindon UT 84042.

2) Is there a siblining discount? Yes for any skills training clinics and camps, siblings receive $10 off at checkout when siblings enroll in the same program.

3) Are there make-up days for planned absences? Yes, players may attend another day of training to make-up a practice this includes Boys Thurs. Training, Friday Training, and Saturday Level 3 training. Coordinate with Kealani the day that works best for your athletes schedule. (Please let coaches know when you will be gone.)

4) Are there make-up days for unplanned abscences? No

5) Is pro-rating available? For some programs pro-rating is possible. Contact Kealani at kealani@clubvvolleyball or at 404-805-2923 if this option is needed.


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