Club Program

The CLUB Program (ages: U10 – U14)

Teams: 1-3 Comp teams in each age group (depending on athletes’ skill level & athleticism within the age group)

Players per team: 8-10 players on each team (goal is 10 to make practices competitive yet not too many to limit playtime)

Practices: 1 Competition Practice per week & 1 DTS Session per week

Base Cost: $1,050 U14 & Younger for the season (November 26th – April 2019)    

Tournaments:  5 – 1 Day AAU Tournaments

Uniforms:  2 Jerseys, 1 Spandex, bag, 1 practice t’s

Team Names:  Relentless, Fierce, Savage


Team Overview

*Recommended for players who are new to competitive team volleyball*

Club teams emphasize learning before winning.  Teams are designed to introduce an athlete to competitive team volleyball and learn all the tactics (rotations, positions, etc…) that come with team play. 


Playing time and position are balanced between each player’s need to learn a skill or position and that player’s growth.  This allows for every player to play part of every match, with play time close to being equally distributed.  Competition provides the context for players to learn and develop.


Club teams will lose more matches than other teams primarily because they are designed to emphasize development of players rather than emphasizing only winning.  However, coaches will balance player’s strengths and weaknesses for the team to have a stable level of performance.  Thus, playing time and positions may not be perfectly distributed. The club development coaching strategy enables us to give play time to players who, if managed under the performance-based guidelines used by MP & Select, would not play in many matches.


Club teams play a less demanding schedule to allow players to participate in school activities.  Players who show a poor attendance record to practices should only expect to play in positions with an amount of playing time that benefits the team, not the individual.  



Teams will be finalized for Club Teams right after the tryout.  Players trying out for Club Teams who do not make a Club Team can be placed in the Academy.  Team practices will begin on November 26th.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t make a Club Team?

You will be placed on Team Academy (click here for more details on Team Academy).

2. I am not sure if I should try out for the Club Program because I don’t know where I compare competitively.

Try out anyway!  There is no harm in trying out and trying to make the most competitive team possible.

3. What are some of the qualifications to making an Elite Team compared to a Club Team?

At all levels, we always focus on skill development.  However, Elite Teams require that certain skills be mastered in order to make teams competitive against other clubs.   An athlete’s ability to make an Elite Team is dependent on their ability to execute those skills in a competitive setting.    

4. When would we practice?

Either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  You can always attend your DTS session any day of the week.  However, we recommend you attend with your team.