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Q:  Why Club V?

A:  We understand that choosing a club can be a very difficult yet important decision.  So… how do you decide?  Look at the Club’s Track Record.  Here are a few things about Club V.

- Over the last 5 years we are ranked as the 58th best club in the nation. The only Utah club on that list.

- In 2018, we came in as the 40th best club in the nation. Again, the only club from Utah on the list.

- In 2018, we sent 23 athletes to play in college

- In 2018, we had 13 teams attend Nationals. 3 were Open qualified

- In 2018, we had 5 college coaches on staff

- In 2018, we won Best in State for Sports Program - the 4th time we have won that award over the last 5 years

- In 2017, every single player on the 6A 1st Team All State list played at Club V.

- Our coaches have trained 10 of the players (7 from Club V & 3 from Aces) that are currently on BYU’s roster. 

Q:  What is DTS?

A:  Developmental Training System.  In the past, your club experience often depended on your coach -- if you had a great coach, great club experience; if you had a bad coach, bad club experience.  Do to these facts, we have changed our model completely.  We are excited to announce that EVERY athlete in Club V will now be learning from our top coaches who have produced so much success every week as part of their normal practice schedule. This is called our DTS (Developmental Training System) model.  These are highly technical, high reps, high feedback training sessions that take place Monday – Thursday, 3 Sessions a day with our very experienced, best coaches in the club. Training times are from 4-5:30, 6-7:30, 8-9:30. Each coach and court will have a different focus and athletes are able to choose what they would like to work on. For example, we would have a setting court where all of our setters would get hundreds of reps setting the ball, focusing on specific techniques for that session. DTS sessions are designed to help athletes train in deliberate practice.  Every athlete deserves the opportunity to work with the most experienced coaches we have in our Club.  So regardless of what team you make, or the level you are playing, you will get development training from the best Utah has to offer.

Q:  Why is club volleyball so expensive?

A:  In general, the cost of club volleyball in Utah (regardless of club) is significantly less than clubs across the country.  There are a lot of club options in Utah -- some clubs charge less and some cost more than Club V. They have figured out what their programs are worth and charge accordingly. If you compare the offerings at other clubs, they are comparable to our Club level program and charge more to do so. Our MP, Select, and Elite Programs offer more training than any other programs available in Utah.  When all hours are added up over the course of a season (practices, trainings, tournaments, etc.), the total cost of a club volleyball season is less than $10/hour.

Q:  We are new to club volleyball.  Which level should we tryout for?

A:  The world of club volleyball can be an intimidating, yet exciting experience.  We always encourage athletes to tryout for the level that will challenge them the most.  For our newer athletes with limited volleyball experience, we recommend trying out at the Club level.  The Club level season runs November – April and teams participate in 5 local AAU tournaments.  For newer athletes, we also offer Team Academy through our Club V Academy program.  Team Academy is an introduction to club volleyball and features a shorter season (January – April) and teams participate in 3 local AAU tournaments.  Cost for Team Academy is $750.  You can visit the Club V South webpage or contact Kealani (kealani@clubvvolleyball.com) for more information about Team Academy or Click Here.

Q: Why do tryouts seem to be held earlier this year?
A:  Clubs from across the country typically hold tryouts anywhere between July - November.  We've learned from last year that a lot of planning and logistics are involved with Club Season.  We want to hit the ground running when the season starts in November, so we are holding tryouts a bit earlier this year.  Many players are already playing for school teams and in Fall Leagues, so many players will be hitting their stride when tryouts are held on September 21st & 22nd.

Q:  What age group (U10-U14) should we tryout for?
A:  USA Volleyball requires that players be of a particular age for the duration of the club season, which is assumed to end on August 31st.  To determine your players age division, you can ask the question: "How old will my player be on August 31, 2019?".  The answer determines their age group.  You can also click here to determine your age group.

Q:  What if I can't attend tryouts on both days?
A:  Attendance on both days is highly encouraged, but you must attend at least one day to be evaluated for a team.  If you are only able to attend one day, please contact Kealani (kealani@clubvvolleyball) and indicate which day you will attend.  Make-up tryouts may be arranged in certain circumstances by contacting Kealani. 

Q:  I am not sure what team I should tryout for because I don't know where I compare competitively.
A:  There is no harm in trying out for the most competitive team possible.  Coaches will work to place you on a team and level that best fits your skills and ability.

Q:  How long is the club season?
A:  November - April.  Practices typically start in November and the last tournaments are generally played in April.  All teams compete in 5 local AAU tournaments.  SELECT and ELITE level teams also compete in out-of-state tournaments.  Teams that qualify for national championship tournaments (AAU and USAV) will extend their season into May and June.

Q:  Will I have to travel out-of-state for tournaments?
A:  Only SELECT and ELITE level teams travel out-of-state for tournaments.  SELECT participates in 2 out-of-state tournaments (called Junior National Qualifiers), while ELITE travels for 1 out-of-state tournament.

Q:  Will I have to play on Sundays?
A:  SELECT and ELITE teams travel and compete in national qualifying tournaments, which often take place on Sundays.  If you play on a SELECT or ELITE team, you are expected to play in these out-of-state tournaments, which means Sunday play.  CLUB and TEAM ACADEMY teams do not play on Sundays.