Club v volleyball

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Club V facilities located?

Club V has two facilities located along the Wasatch Front -- Club V North & Club V South:

  • Club V North - 51 South River Bend Way, North Salt Lake UT 84054
  • Club V South - 142 N 1800 W, Lindon UT 84042

Are there fundraising opportunities for our daughter to help pay for the fees?

Yes. Please email Jaime at for information on Fundraising and our Ambassador Program.

Do I have to pay everything upfront?

No. We are able to do monthly installments after a down payment. To do this you will just log in to your account and select monthly installments.

How can I find my coach's information?

Coaches information will be posted on the website soon.

We missed the tryouts, can my daughter still make a team?

Possibly. If she/he is at the premier level in our club and there is a team that is in need of her position, we will fit her in accordingly. However, if there is not an availability for her position, then she can always sign up for the Academy for the remainder of the season with the chance of forming a club team half way through the season.

What if I can’t make tryouts, can I still have to opportunity to be placed on a team?

We will need to know in advanced, so that we can plan accordingly. We may schedule a time for your athlete to come in to be assessed by members of our coaching staff prior or soon after tryouts are done.

How do I make a payment?

There are many options to choose from. Most convenient for you would be to pay through the website by logging in to your personal account, and making a payment that way. You can also contact Valya Mecham at 801-635-7047 for payment information. Do not under any circumstances hand payments to any coaches.

What do I do if my daughter is concerned about her playing time or is having a hard time understanding what her role is on her team?

We understand that sometimes coaches do not know what is going on with how certain players are feeling all of the time. We are all human and sometimes all it takes is a simple misunderstanding on either end of the equation to cause a bump in the road. For that, we have a chain of command here at Club V if ever such a situation arises. It goes as follows:

  1. Players needs to set up a time to talk with their coach outside of practice and tournaments. Parents are invited to attend but that will be a decision you and your daughter will need to make. We realize that it can be intimidating for a player to address issues that she is having on an adult level, our coaches and staff want our players to feel safe and supported while learning to deal with things at an adult level. Just understand we will want the athlete to do the talking.
  2. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we then can set up a meeting with the coach, the administration, the player and parents to try and resolve the issue at hand

What team should I try out for?

There are many things to consider when deciding what team to try out for. Our goal here at Club V is to develop character-based athletes that compete at their highest level. We encourage players to try out for where they feel comfortable at, and at a level where they hope to be at in the near future. Here are some tips below to help you find that level for which you are looking for. Also please also use this link ( to read more about each level we have to offer.

Select—This is our most competitive level. It requires the most commitment from our athletes and is consequencely our largest financial commitment as well. Girls are required to travel up to 5 different tournaments across the US. Athletes who play at this level are looking to get a volleyball scholarship. It requires 3, two and a half hour practices a week and for the most part 2 weekends a month, sometimes more.

Elite—This is our second highest level that is available to participate in. It does require a big time commitment as well. Athletes in this level may still be looking to get a college scholarship. It requires 2, two and a half hour practices a week, and about 1-2 weekends a month.

Comp—This is the level for girls who are not interested in traveling. You will only play in the local tournaments about 1 a month (6 in total). This is still a competitive level and play time is not distributed equally. You will be required to practice twice a week for two and a half hours.

If your daughter/son doesn’t make one of these levels we will place them in the Academy where they will be either placed on a club team to improve on their fundamentals and learn more about the game in a team like setting. Club teams will still play in tournaments, we want players to understand that this level is to learn how to compete as a team. In addition to that, playing time is more equally distributed. If we feel that the athlete is not ready for a team setting we will place them in the Academy’s training levels based on where we feel there skill level falls. While in these levels they will learn and pass off skills to get ready to be placed on a team like setting. Club Teams will/can be formed mid-season according to girls graduating from Level 3 in our Academy.

Because volleyball is a unique game, where it requires certain skill sets to keep a ball in play, we want kids to be able to perform these specific skill sets before they are asked to play as a team on the court.

Can I still make a select or elite team if I don’t play on Sunday’s or I play another sport that is during the same season?

There is a possibility. It is up to the coach of the team to decide if he or she can make sense of it. We want the best players on the best teams, however on a team of 8 we cannot travel to an out of state tournament and have 3 girls not play on Sunday, or miss because of another sport. This is would make us forfeit matches which will ban us from being able to participate in future events. Making sure you let us know upfront would ensure that if the coach wants you on the team, he/she can make selections during tryouts which would allow for a smooth transition come Sunday, or the days you miss because of another sport.

Missing practice for another sport is excused as long as your coach knows prior to, and you make up the practice via private lesson or with another team.

What if I am going to be late for practice?

You will need to contact your coach as soon as you realize that you are going to be late. Please make sure you have their contact information early in the season. Please plan ahead for traffic, bad weather and construction. (Coaches Contact List)

What if I miss a practice or a game?

We just want to emphasize that participating in a team sport, regardless of how good of a player you are, is a commitment not just to the club but to your teammates. Usually 7-9 other players depend on you to show up to practices and games. There are consequences to missing practices and games, but we want to really emphasize that when you make the decision to miss a practice or a game then it is not just a decision that affects you but a whole team. We feel that this is an important lesson for our athletes to learn, which will help them develop into responsible and reliable adults in the future.

If the practice is unexcused, then you will miss the first 2 sets of the next tournament, and you will have to make up the practice via private lesson or attending another teams practice. If the practice is excused then you will just need to make up the practice via private lesson or attending another teams practice.

If the game is unexcused then you will not be able to play in the equal amount of games you missed in the next tournament unless the team would be forced to forfeit, (in that case you will miss the next available game where the team doesn’t forfeit).

What is your refund policy?

There are circumstances of injury or illness where a refund may be possible. If you withdraw from a camp or class, we will transfer your balance (minus a $10 administration fee) into your family account to be held toward payment of other Club V programs or apparrel.


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