Club v volleyball

Mission Statement

"To develop character based athletes that compete at
their highest level"

At Club V, we believe that volleyball is an opportunity to teach young athletes how to be successful in life. Whether that be goal setting, developing a work ethic, learning discipline, etc... our mission is to help athletes develop strong character traits which in return, will help them not only in volleyball but in all aspects of life. Currently, 73 of our athletes have played/are playing in college with another 15+ (and counting) who have decided to serve missions or join humanitarian projects. Our athletes are successful on the volleyball court because they learn how to be self motivated and self disciplined. Our athletes become successful in life because this drive and determination spills over into their life outside of volleyball with athletes becoming successful students & leaders.

We develop our athletes the same way as you would mine for gold: by concentrating and focusing on the flecks of gold and not the amount of dirt you have to move. If you focus on the dirt, all you find is dirt. If you focus on finding gold, you tend to look past the dirt and find hidden specs of gold. It is a tough process but we know the value is extremely high. The gold is what we know our athletes can become and what they can do.


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