What you do over the summer matters! The offseason is the perfect time to evaluate where you are at technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. Identifying your strengths in each area gives you the opportunity to go to work improving on your strengths and creating new performance measurements in each category. It is also important to understand your weaknesses and if they are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Your strengths are what make you unique. Improving upon them can make you extraordinary at something. If you become extraordinary you create value. If you are the best at something, there is a high probability you will see the court if it's a needed skill. Spending the majority of your time trying to make your weaknesses a strength does not help you excel in any area. The important thing to understand is if your weaknesses are stopping you from being on the court and achieving your goals. If they are, put a plan in place to make sure they aren't hurting you.

Project V is set up to help you work on your technical skills. Building technical skills can be slow and tedious but ultimately determine what you can do tactically. Often, athletes have a good strategy but lack the technique to implement it. Project V will break down basic skills...

  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Spiking
  • Setting
  • Blocking
  • Digging

Project V will also help with positional footwork in each of those skills.


Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8am-10am


The Utah Athletic Center

Club V South


Project V is free for all athletes who participated on an Elite, Select, or MP team this season whose club fees (including travel) are paid in full by June 3, 2019. We look forward to working with you this summer and are excited to see the technical changes! If you are interested in Project V and have not played for Club V or do not play for an Elite, Select, or MP team, you can register below. For questions and additional information, please contact 385-415-5350.

To register, CLICK HERE.


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