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The SELECT Program (ages: U12 – U18)

Teams: 1-3 Select teams in each age group (depending on athletes skill level & athleticism within the age group)

Players per team: 9-11 players on each team (goal is 10 to make practices competitive yet not too many to limit playtime)

Practices: 3 x per week; 2 hours on court and 1 hour of strength & conditioning/sports psychology/character training

Base Cost: $2,000 for the season (November 27th – April 2017)

*12s & 13s SELECT base cost will be $1,700 (Practices will be 2 x week for 3 hours).

Tournaments: UCVA Power League (12/13’s will play in AAU Open) + 2 Junior National Qualifiers (JNQ)

Uniforms: 2 Jerseys, 1 Spandex, Warm ups (top & bottom), bag, 3 practice t’s

Travel Cost: $275 per JNQ (this fee does not cover players travel or hotel – this is to cover the tournament fee and coaches travel and accommodations)

Team Names: Black, Red, & White

Team Overview

*Recommended for players who desire to play collegiate volleyball*

These teams are nationally competitive and operate according to the rules of performance-based playing time. The “Performance-Based” coaching guideline requires that players be fully committed to attending all practices and tournaments while adhering to all team and club rules. The athlete's’ performance and attitude on and off the court will determine their play time in tournaments. The evaluation of player performance for the determination of playing time, as well as team strategy decisions, is entirely up to the discretion of the coaching staff. These guidelines are used to keep teams nationally competitive and to achieve team goals. Coaches will provide a fair and impartial environment for each player to earn playing time. Coaches will not discuss playing time as it relates to other players, and will not discuss strategy and techniques with any parent or player. Players must be committed to attending ALL practices, ALL 5 Power League tournaments, and ALL out of state tournaments that have been decided by the team at the parent meeting.

National Tournaments

Select Teams are required to attend 2 national tournaments (17’s & 18’s will attend 2 JNQ’s (or can choose the Las Vegas Classic). Teams may decide to travel to more than they’re required, however, it must be decided at the beginning of the year and done by a unanimous vote. Select Teams will be attending 2 of the following tournaments:

  • Colorado Crossroads (Denver, CO) - Stay and Play
  • Las Vegas Classic (Las Vegas, NV) - 17’s & 18’s Only
  • Southern California Qualifier (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Far Westerns National Qualifier (Reno, NV)

Tryout Format

Teams will be finalized for the Select Teams right after the tryout. Players trying out for Select Teams who do not make an Select Team can be placed on an Elite Team or lower. Official team practices will start on November 27th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t make a Select Team?

You will be placed on either an Elite, Comp or Club Team.

I am not sure if I should try out for the Select Program because I don’t know where I compare competitively.

Try out anyways! There is no harm in trying out and trying to make the most competitive team possible. Athletes that make Select Teams have a solid skill base and high athletic abilities.

I can’t commit to 3 x week practice but I want to play for a SELECT team.

Unfortunately, SELECT TEAMS are reserved for the most skilled, athletic and committed players. Thus, you will be placed on an Elite team to accommodate your schedule.

When would we practice?

Either a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday practice schedule.

*If Friday’s are unavailable, then practices will be held early Saturday mornings.


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