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Summer Training is creeping up on you like a spider working its way up your comforter during the night. Instead of dealing with the utter shock and horrific aftermath of feeling those legs crawling across your face or in your mouth and going through the physical freakout moment of getting it off of you, and then not being able to go back to sleep because you’re sure there is another one lurking, we want to update you about what there is going on this summer. Pretty sure that was the greatest run-on sentence ever just like this is going to be the best summer of training...EVER! No need to go through that type of emotional turmoil over missing any opportunities.

Without further ado here is the summer schedule… but we need to impress upon you that the spider you desperately want to eliminate might be a mother or father, granddaughter or grandson, sister or brother of another spider. He who would crush that spider is crushing a dear member of the arachnid family.


MVP Pass - This pass includes Club V Beach, College Coaches Camp, and Mindset Training.

COST - $850, To purchase, CLICK HERE

VIP Pass (for club level, academy, and non club v athletes) - This pass includes Project V, College Coaches Camp, and Mindset Training

COST - $1000, To purchase, CLICK HERE


What you do over the summer matters! The offseason is the perfect time to evaluate where you are at technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. Identifying your strengths in each area gives you the opportunity to go to work improving on your strengths and creating new performance measurements in each category. It is also important to understand your weaknesses and if they are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Your strengths are what make you unique. Improving upon them can make you extraordinary at something. If you become extraordinary you create value. If you are the best at something, there is a high probability you will see the court if it's a needed skill. Spending the majority of your time trying to make your weaknesses a strength does not help you excel in any area. The important thing to understand is if your weaknesses are stopping you from being on the court and achieving your goals. If they are, put a plan in place to make sure they aren't hurting you.

Project V is set up to help you work on your technical skills. Building technical skills can be slow and tedious but ultimately determine what you can do tactically. Often, athletes have a good strategy but lack the technique to implement it. Project V will break down basic skills...

  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Spiking
  • Setting
  • Blocking
  • Digging

Project V will also help with positional footwork in each of those skills.


Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8am-10am


The Utah Athletic Center

Club V South


Project V is free for all athletes who participated on an Elite, Select, or MP team this season whose club fees (including travel) are paid in full by June 3, 2019. We look forward to working with you this summer and are excited to see the technical changes! If you are interested in Project V and have not played for Club V or do not play for an Elite, Select, or MP team, you can register below.  For questions and additional information, please contact 385-415-5350.

To register, CLICK HERE.


The mindset of an athlete controls their belief, effort, and focus which helps them develop and actively use the skills needed to succeed. Last summer, this 8 week 24 class program helped over 100 athletes increase their vertical leap an average of 4 inches, with the highest gain of 8 inches. The first hour is in the classroom and focuses on the mind and habit development while the second hour will be a high intense workout designed to help athletes of all skill levels jump higher, run faster, and learn how to embrace the discomfort that produces results. Classes will be held at the Utah Athletic Center and will be taught by Reed Carlson. Reed is a 3 time state championship coach at Lone Peak High School and was recently named 2018 AVCA 15's National Club Coach of the Year! Personal Innovation Industries was created to help individuals take ownership and responsibility for the choices that determine their life circumstances. Our culture has shifted into placing blame on others when adequate playtime or grades are not achieved. It is PII’s mission to help coaches, teachers, parents, and student athletes create and actively participate in an agreed upon vision where they collaborate their efforts daily. Incredible things happen when energy flows together.


June 3 - August 2 10am-12 noon at the Utah Athletic Center


To register, CLICK HERE. Cost for the remainder of the program (July) is $125. For questions about our mindset training program, contact Jaime at Register today!


Beach is a fun and competitive way to develop even more volleyball skills. Club V beach has 3 different levels designed to accommodate any level of beach training you are looking for. The beginner class teaches the basic skills needed to be able to have fun playing beach volleyball. Skills and drills focuses on helping athletes who have competed on the beach develop the skills and strategies to perform better during competition. Club V Beach Club trains beach partners to compete at the highest levels in Utah. It provides specific pairs coaching to help each team learn how to play together with strategy.


June 4 - August 8 at The Sandbar

Tuesdays and Thursday 8am-10am

Beginner Beach Classes Tuesdays 8am-10am

  • Cost is $149 for a 5 week session

Skills and Drills Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am-10am

  • Cost is $279 for a 5 week session

Club V Beach Club Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am-10am

  • Cost is $599 for the whole summer

To register for Club V Beach, CLICK HERE


Each week a different skill will be taught. Skills will be broken down and taught more profoundly. Athletes will learn how to deliberately practice the skills so they can continue to improve on their own. Skills will also be taught so the athlete can execute them strategically at a higher level. 


June 4-Aug 8 Tuesday and Thursday at the Utah Athletic Center

  • June 18 & 20 - Hitting
  • June 25 & 27 - Passing
  • July 9 & 11 - Hitting
  • July 16 & 18 - Passing/Defense
  • July 23 & 25 - Setting
  • July 30 & Aug 1 - Hitting
  • Aug 6 & 8 - Passing/Defense


$99 per week. To register, CLICK HERE


These camps are designed to help athletes learn the basic skills needed to tryout at their schools. 

  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Spiking
  • Setting
  • Blocking
  • Digging


June 10-13, June 24-27, July 8-11, July 29-August 1 at the Utah Athletic Center

Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm


Cost is $149 per week

To register, CLICK HERE


This 2 hour clinic will take place on July 24 from 8am-10am.


$30 - To register, CLICK HERE


Fine tune those skills before tryout day!


August 5, 7, and 9 from 8am-NOON


$149- To register, CLICK HERE

For questions regarding any of our summer programs, please contact or 385-415-5350

               For Complete Listings of Club V South Summer Programs - Click Here


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