Millennial Project

2018-2019 Millennial Project

The Millennial Project (MP) was piloted last year with one major goal in mind: compete at a national level. In its first year, the results were astounding as 7 Club V MP teams qualified for USAV Nationals including 3 teams in the Open Division. This kind of success has NEVER occurred from a Club from Utah.  Every team from 14's to 18's is ranked nationally.  Again, this has never been done before from a Club from Utah.  More kids are getting offers from colleges and the level of play is increasing substantially.  

The program conception and implementation came from decades of experience from our Directors and Coaches. However, the secret to the success of the program was you. The support, commitment, and sacrifice of the athletes and families was a crucial part of the program, as it is in any Club or organization. Thank you so much athletes, parents, families, and coaches for a great year! We’ve made some adjustments to the program and expect next year to be even better!!

The key to environment of growth is feedback. Thank you to everyone for all of your feedback regarding the program. Just like any team or athlete, we knew the MP program would be constantly looking to improve. Following is an outline of the 2018-2019 MP program.

Tryouts will be held July 30, August 1, and August 3rd from 5 - 8 PM at the Utah Athletic Center, 51 River Bend Way, North Salt Lake, UT 84054. We will have a tryout on July 23rd from 5- 8 PM for those that cannot make the tryout.  Please email to let him know if you are coming on the 23rd.  

You can sign up for tryouts here

MP Teams will be slightly different than last year. The hybrid model proved to be more effective than the location specific model. With that in mind, we will have 2 hybrid teams at each age group. We will have MP teams for the 14s - 18s age groups.  However, 14's will be location specific (one North team, one South team).  

Rosters will be finalized at the end of November. Each team will have no more than 12 players and no less than 10. The July/August tryout will allow us to select the MP Pool.  We will select 20-24 athletes in each age group that will train together throughout the month of November. We know a few hours of tryouts isn’t ideal for selecting teams. Thus, training for the month of November gives the athletes a chance to show their growth from the previous season and allows us to analyze chemistry and positional fit.  The Pools will be posted on August 3rd by 11:59PM.  

Training will be minimal during the HS season as we want athletes to focus on their HS teams and programs. HS is a unique time to play in a more fun, light, school spirit based environment. We will have a couple training sessions throughout the fall as schedules permit (most Saturday's). Once the teams are formed every team will practice twice per week, once at each location (NSL & Lindon).

Teams will practice with the other MP team in their age. This will provide multiple advantages. It will elevate the level of competition and development in each practice; it will give the athletes a chance to receive feedback and instruction from 3 coaches (their head coach, other head coach, and the one assistant coach assigned to both teams in the age group); it will give the coaches opportunities to run more drills, especially those that require more coaches, more athletes, or are very high-paced and involve a lot of jumping; it will give local college coaches incentive to come watch training as more athletes will be in the gym at the same; it gives all club directors, coaches, athletes, and parents greater opportunity to get to know each other on and off the court. Of all the changes we’re implementing this year, joint practices may just be the one we’re most excited about!!

Additional trainings, workouts, and nutrition will be available to all athletes and teams. This year we have structured it in a way that all athletes will be able to access these opportunities individually rather than in a team environment, so each athlete can do so in a convenient and efficient manner. MP trainings will be available on off-days just like last year, but they will also be available on practice days if an athlete is super hungry for reps.

This year, workouts will be available in the same manner as MP trainings. There will be 3 workouts each day that athletes can attend, regardless of team, as their schedule allows. Nutrition plans and information will be readily available.  We call these trainings "Developmental Trainings" where athletes will be working on specific skills or positions.  We will have these Developmental Trainings M-TH, 3 times a day.  We will have a full staff of "Development Coaches" at both locations, doing the same thing at each location.  Thus, athletes can attend these trainings at whatever location is closest and whatever days they wish to attend.  

Coaches will be finalized by Friday. There will be a different Head Coach for each MP team and there will be one Assistant Coach that works with both MP teams in each age group. Given that teams in each age group will be practicing together combined with a shared Assistant Coach, the athletes will now have 3 high-level coaches at all of their practices.

More information about the program will be listed by Friday.   

Parent meeting for the MP program for the parents of the players selected for the MP teams will be Saturday August 4th from 10 AM - 12 PM at the Utah Athletic Center.

You can sign up for tryouts here