Millennial Project

The Millennial Project - Tryout Results_Updated 8.14.2017

Saturday, August 19th - Fitness Testing & Serving/Passing (Skills Only) Training 8-11am. 

*Players that are listed as alternates*

If any position opens up on a Millennial Project Team, you will be notified and be able to join an MP team.  If you do not wish to be considered an alternate, please send an email to  All alternates who do not make a MP team will be automatically added to the Select Tryouts (tryout fee waived). 

*Players whose names are not listed*

We appreciate you trying out for a Millennial Project Team!  Unfortunately, you were not chosen for a MP Team or as an Alternate.  We invite you to tryout for an Elite or Select Team come October/November.  All tryout fees are waived.  Keep working!!