Tryout Results

U15 & Older Tryout Results!!

Before We Begin...

Tryouts can cause each of us to feel so many different emotions.  Some are good and some are undesirable.  Whichever you might be feeling, we encourage you to set new goals to help you get to where you’d like to be.  It is our mission to help you get there.  Together, we can map out the path that will lead you to new levels of ability and performance. If you are feeling disappointed or discouraged you can improve your situation with the right work. There always needs to be a catalyst to bring out the focus and effort necessary to create the best version of you.  We look forward to this Club season and know that you have the resources at your fingertips to grow and develop into the person and volleyball player you intend to be. 

A big thank you again to everyone who came to tryouts!!  We are amazed at the level of talent in the gym.  Can't wait to get the season going!!  If you can't remember your number, please email 

Here are the tryout results: